Culinary workshop - Garlic: to be used for food, magic and vampires

Feel free to contact the host even if the date is unavailable, maybe he/she will be able to find a solution for your experience.
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Food and drink
3 hours
Offered in English and Italian
what's included
2 courses (with lots of garlic)
1 traditional digestive
1 bottle of water
what's the plan
Garlic is a must have in every Romanian household, since it serves so many purposes: you can put it in the food, use it for small magical practices and to ward off vampires. Are vampires real? We don't know, but garlic sure is. Part storytelling, part (food) tasting, this workshop takes you into the wonderful yet smelly world of the garlic. Hope you will survive it.
meeting point
At your hotel or in a central square like Unirii Square or University Square.
what time should we meet
There will be no cooking involved: only eating and storytelling.
The workshop will last about 2-3 hours and it will be held at at Romanian restaurant/bistro wich serves traditional food.
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about your host
Traveller, storyteller, storylistener. Interested in history, magical thinking and architecture. I like to find the not so obvious routes that get you from A to B (it usually holds more surprises than the beaten path).
cancellation policy
free cancellation up to 3 days before experience date