Prague in a box

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what's included
Prague in a Box is an interactive self-guided walking tour for a couple who found themselves in Prague for the first time and want to have fun!
Inside a cute pink box you’ll find a small guidebook describing a tour through the most romantic locations of Prague. We won’t be force-feeding you the tiniest details of Prague history and burying you in heaps of important names and dates. Instead, we’ll try to help you interact with the city, see it, feel it and bond with it.
You’ll also find a bunch of small things that you need during your trip. Please don’t open all the small boxes and bottles that you’ll find inside before time! There will be a special moment for that during the tour and you won’t miss it.
what's the plan
The walk starts at Pohořelec tram stop, takes you through Prague Castle and ends at Ujezd street. At the end of the journey you’ll find a great place to have lunch or dinner.
meeting point
Pohořelec tram stop (Keplerova 114/2, Praha 1)
what time should we meet
We have English an Russian version. The start time is completely up to you as it's a self-guided walking tour.
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about your host
We are Prague locals, but we started as tourists. So we know how hard it can be to discover a non-touristy Prague, authentic places and hidden city sides.
We started Prague in a box in 2016 to share our hard-won insider tips with tourists, travelers and all Prague visitors who are looking for an alternative ways to get to know Prague. We try to make their Prague travel easy and fun. Daria, Daria and Tanya
cancellation policy
free cancellation up to 3 days before experience date