Food workshop in Sofia countryside

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Food and drink
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8 hours hours
Offered in English and German
what's included
Travel cost, morning coffee/ tea & snack, lunch
what's the plan
We will meet at 9 AM on the parking lot in front of the gorgeous Cathedral Alexander Nevsky in the Sofia city center.
From there, we will head off to the village where I used to spend every summer with my grandparents. The travel will take us around 30 minutes. When we arrive, we will spend some time in the garden drinking home made tea with home grown herbs and fruits. I will bring special pancakes (my special healthy recipe) with home made jam which we will be able to enjoy together with the hot drink and the breathtaking view. Of course.. there will be coffee* as well, no worries haha (I am a little coffee junkie as well).
After learning some exciting stuff about each other and our lifestyle, we will go for a 2 hour walk in the forest where we will be able to make cool photos and if you want I will do a GoPro video of our adventure which I will distribute at no cost afterwards.
When the clock shows us that it is lunch time, we will get back to the villa and prepare our typical Bulgarian lunch on our own. I will take care of the groceries before leaving the city. Believe me, you will LOVE the dishes!
After filling happily our tummies, we will get on the car and visit the village... we will have some nice typical drinks like rakiya and wine :)
We will return to the city in the afternoon.
I hope that this itinerary is making you smile and you are ready for some countryside adventures! :)
meeting point
Cathedral Alexander Nevsky
what time should we meet
The tour will take place if the group consists of min. 2 people.
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about your host
Dear beautiful people :) My name is Dily and I am born in Sofia, Bulgaria. I was 6 years abroad completing my Bachelor in Mannheim, Germany and my Masters in Nottingham, United Kingdom. 3 years ago, I decided to come back to Bulgaria and build a career in the business analysis sphere. In order to survive in the corporate money machine, I spend all my free time developing skills that make me happy. I am really into cooking, hiking, exploring various sports (crossfit, yoga, cycling, kangoo jumps, running, trampoline jumping, etc.), photography & editing, social media marketing. I backpack a lot on my own and love to push my limits with adrenaline activities like skydiving, paragliding, peak conquering. The time I appreciate the most is the one with my family and my dog. I am a very active person and I think that my Bulgarian crazy blood has a lot to do with it. I would be more than happy to meet new people and to make new friends around the work :) Let's bring this social network outside the "https"-world.
cancellation policy
free cancellation up to 3 days before experience date